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Hi! I’m Pamela!


I help you to break the chains of dieting and emotional eating so you can keep the weight off and let your best self shine. That’s right #freedom!


I am a registered nurse, certified health coach, and am known as The Reformed Dieter. I reformed my ways and no longer diet and I teach you how to do the same! Dieting doesn’t work for the long term and it makes you feel like a failure, discouraged, and feeling all alone


I am on a mission to help busy women go from burned out, exhausted, unhealthily overweight, and eating their feelings to rejuvenated, energized, at their optimal healthy weight and no longer eating their feelings.  I am the creator of the 3 Pillar Personalized Weight Loss Method.


I am a cat mama to two rescued cats and some people call me a cat whisperer. I am also a speaker, international bestselling author, and avid reader. I love to travel and spend time with my family.