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Distractions, Excuses, and Taking Action: Are the Distractions Your Excuses?

Are you easily distracted? And is it affecting your efforts to reach your weight loss results and keeping the weight off? Today I discuss distraction versus efforts.


Life is full of lots of distractions, right? Those distractions can actually end up being, and I'm being 100 here, excuses. You can use them as an excuse to not take action or be consistent.  


Think about it. If you haven't taken action, why haven’t you put the effort in this week? You can use distractions for why you haven't taken action on the commitment to eating three more healthy meals this week, a commitment to eating more fruits and vegetables, committing to getting more movement into your day, committing to eating less sugar, etc.

This Health Food Makes You Crave

This health food actually makes you crave sugar.


I just finished my article for on sugar cravings. Why you have them and how to stop them.  I always like to look up the latest research. Today I share some of the research with you.


A Health Food Most People Start Eating When They Go On a Diet

I'm going to share with you what this health food is, and you probably consume it in one way, shape or form.


So what is the health food? It is marketed as health food, and it's in a lot of the foods that are marketed as healthy.


It's artificial sweeteners, and there's three specifically. Research shows that when you consume them it makes you crave. And it is in a lot of packaged foods, and even  added to crackers.


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